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The RANOPS web site will undergo its annual “pruning” between 10 and 11 December. If you want to copy any posts in the "News and Interest" or “On a Lighter Note pages prior to July 2016, please do so before the 10th.

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Our Mission

RANOPS is open to all serving or retired Royal Australian Navy officers of the permanent force. 

RANOPS’ mission is to meet approximately every six weeks for lunch, spin tall tales and true, have a good time and generally wind down with a bunch of mates.

The RANOPS program coordinators meet at the beginning of each year to set the lunch program.  The objective is to vary the location and menu to allow as many members as possible to attend at least one or two functions. 

 The RANOPS coordinators for 2016 are:

  • Bob Luxton
  • Dennis Collyer
  • Rod Williams
  • Mike Burton (Sunshine Coast) 
  • Gary Northern (Gold Coast)
  • Bob Van-Kempen

RANOPS’ Singapore Chapter is coordinated by Bruce Bird. If you would like to connect while in the area you can contact Bruce on:

Telephone: +65 8222-5763 or +65 9103-1201 or 

Email: Bruce Bird brucebird49@hotmail.com

Remember: If you would like a web site included in the list on this page, please use the contact form on this site.

Last revised: 3 December 2016

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