ANI & RAN sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

Australian Naval Institute

26 November 2017


On 2 November 2017 the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, and the ANI President Vice Admiral Peter Jones signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement. Through the partnership with the ANI, the Navy can access a pool of expertise and experience from serving and retired naval personnel – and their links to industry – that could be harnessed to add value to the consideration of important issues.

The agreement is based on the facts that:

Retired personnel have historical experience and lessons learned that can be used to avoid previous mistakes.

The relatively small number of personnel that Navy can bring to bear on a vexing issue could be supplemented by broader perspectives accessible through the ANI membership or its contacts in industry.

Where this assistance can add value and be sourced in a timely, cost-effective way then an agreed arrangement should exist to facilitate such support.

One tangible of product of this partnership is that the ANI is now working with the Navy on the theme for the 2018 Goldrick Seminar. The aim is that the Seminar will bring together a range of people to consider a strategic issue that Navy is grappling with.

A copy of the Strategic Partnership Agreement can be downloaded from 

The ANI President would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Mr Brian Mansell and Commander Adam Allica in helping to develop this important Agreement.